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Breastfeeding doll

August 11,2009
Julie Deaner
The world is a strange place. And Bebe Gloton just made it even stranger. Oh, you don't know Bebe? Let me introduce you. Bebe, this is the world. World, this is the newest children's toy, Bebe, "the doll that suckles 6-year-old girls." Wait...what? That's right. Little girls, or boys (whatever tickles your fancy), wear a vest that has daisies where the breasts would be and the doll will make suckling noises when held up to the daisies. hmmmm... The Spanish manufacturers say "the doll is meant to encourage nurturing in young girls and to promote breast-feeding." Umm...I don't really know what else to say except that they are 6!!! Back in the day we just had Betsy Wetsy, the doll that went potty after you fed her. That's a bit more on a child's level. Every kid giggles at the thought of bathroom talk. But, breastfeeding? I'm going to have to agree with Kathie Lee Gifford *shiver* when she said, "It's got a little creep factor." Hell yeah it's creepy! Six-year-olds should be rolling around in the mud, not thinking about bottle feeding vs breastfeeding choices.