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Barefoot running

August 04,2009
Julie Deaner
Lets talk about FiveFinger shoes, the shoe that has toes. When I first saw these shoes on a middle-aged woman on the train, I was like, "OMG, WTF!" I thought this was the next fashion faux pas since Crocs! Then, today I saw a guy running outside with them on. And then I read Lindsay's blog from Monday and it all came together. FiveFinger shoes were created to experience the barefoot effect during sports, play, and everyday activity, while giving you the grip and protection of regular shoes. They might look strange and totally dorky (in my opinion), but the website is kind of selling me on the comfort and barefoot feeling. I do love to walk barefoot but it's pretty gross to walk around barefoot in the city, so I might have to try these out. On another note, I recently invested in a pair of Nike running shoes with the iPod Sport Kit. This includes a removable sensor in your shoe and an insert in your iPod Nano or Touch. This nifty device tracks your time, pace, calories, and distance of your workout, and it talks to you! I instantly fell in love with it; it made my runs a lot more enjoyable and more challenging. If you aren't ready to make the leap into barefoot running, Nike makes the Free 5.0 V4 running shoe that imitates barefoot running in a sneaker. These aren't compatible with the iPod kit, but they are really comfortable and light. I would be willing to bet that running barefoot would be super comfortable! I mean, Kenyans have been running barefoot for decades and they are the best runners in the world. It's about time we took a lesson!