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Are you ready for some football?

January 12,2010
Julie Deaner
Well, are you?! Even though it is still playoffs, we can plan for the big day on February 7. Root for your favorite team (if they made it -- fingers crossed!) at Dolphin Stadium in Florida. Now ladies, even if you aren't a big football fan, like me, impress the big guys hootin' and hollerin' by dropping some mad football lingo. If that doesn't make their jaw drop, revealing this impressive platter of delicious yummies will!
  • Dear Baby Jesus, these Hail Mary Hot Dogs are the best little oinkers tucked in to eat.
  • This touchdown dip is sure to tickle everyone's line of scrimmage.
  • If that dip missed the field goal, try this taco dip, it an easy win!
  • Get the kids in on the action and help you prepare these super snacks like black bean chili, crunch mix, and more!
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