Zen Time! 6 Calming Activities for Kids

Wed, 01/06/2016

"Chillax!!" Getting kids to calm down is easier said than done. Everything from sibling squabbles to bedtime struggles can trigger a total meltdown. How can you encourage your child to take a breather and keep her cool (given that the proverbial 'chill pill' doesn't really exist)?

These 5 meditation and mindfulness activities for kids and families can certainly help. They're fun and simple exercises that help children (and parents!) learn to stay grounded, present, and calm in the current moment, no matter the circumstances. You can even do them "on the go," during long car rides, grocery store checkout time, or other times that require more patience than your little one can typically muster. 

Bonus: This cool Calm-Down Jar is the perfect craft and activitiy for your little busy-body.

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