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Where Have All the G-Rated Movies Gone?

December 03,2010

Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot fewer G-rated movies these days? Look at the family movies in theaters for the holiday season – all rated PG and up.

The next G movie due in theaters is "Gnomeo and Juliet" in February. Where are all the G-rated movies? Seems like it's because of the profits and popularity of all the 3D movies geared toward older kids. Some of the movies targeted toward tots (like spinoffs of the Disney Princess movies and Tinkerbell movies) go straight to DVD.

Parents, do you like bringing your little kids to the movies and are you missing G-rated films? Are PG-rated films, like Disney's new one, Tangled, okay for pre-schoolers in your book? Or do you mostly just watch movies at home these days because it's gotten expensive and chaotic to go to the theater with young kids?

Here's a great resource for family movies, by the way. Happy Holidays!