What to Serve at a Baby Shower Brunch or Lunch

Wed, 10/02/2016

Hosting a baby shower is hard work! What food should you serve? What games should you play (if any!)? We can help you cover your bases! 

All of the dishes work well with any theme, but especially a tea party. You really can't go wrong with a mix of finger sandwiches, sweet pastries, and savory quiches and party dips. Don't forget to ask the mom-to-be if she's loving or loathing any particular foods these days (there's a good chance she might be craving something in particular!). Keep the dietary precautions that come with pregnancy in mind so the guest of honor has some tasty options at her own bash. 

Also gauge Mama's affinity for games at her shower. Some women just aren't a big fan of games, especially ones that draw a lot of attention to her or gross people out (ahem... who ever thought that guessing a pregnant lady's belly measurement or identifying what kind of candy bar is melted in a 'dirty diaper' was a good idea?!). Consult a list of the worst baby shower games ever... and then go with one of these fun and safe options for shower games that Mama and all your guests will enjoy. 

Good luck and have fun!