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The Sport That Terrifies Me... And I'm Not Afraid to Say It!

February 07,2013

Just overheard in the office: "We're getting two feet of snow -- can't wait to go skiing!" A huge winter storm is brewing, and it's a skier's dream come true. But I hate skiing. And I'm not afraid to say it.

Growing up in the northeast, I dabbled in downhill skiing in high school -- probably too late to get hooked on the popular hobby. I was an avid ice skater throughout elementary school, and felt pretty strong and in control the first few times I strapped on skis. I quickly mastered the bunny hill and  decided to tackle the bigger slopes. I didn't have a single fall -- but I still hated it. Standing at the top of a mountain (that I'd much rather hike down); hurling down it on two slick, skinny planes; dodging kids and icy patches, and doing it over and over again? Not for me.

Call me a cautious stick in the mud, but paying $100+ for a good shot at breaking my leg is not my idea of fun. That's pretty taboo to say in this neck of the woods, but I just prefer sports that are played in sneakers and on level ground. If you love the thrill of skiing, as I know many people do, that's great. It's just not my thing.

Champion skier Lindsey Vonn's recent crash (while at far more blazing speeds than I could ever hit) only confirms my fear of the sport. I wish her well and hope she can return in time for the Sochi Olympics, since it's obviously her passion, but I hope it reminds people of the importance of winter sports safety and heeding bad conditions, even if you're a pro. (I'm glad to see that helmets are pretty commonplace on the slopes these days -- for skiers and not just snowboarders, which is how it used to be.)

Do you have any sports that are off limits for you or your family because of safety concerns? Or am I the only nervous ninny?

P.S. - Be careful!!