Scary Trend: Mother-Daughter Eating Disorders

Thu, 16/02/2012

Here's a stunning fact: If you're related to someone who has an eating disorder, you're 10 times more likely to develop one yourself than someone without a history of disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

That's bad news for today's kids (especially girls), considering how many moms struggle with some type of eating issue, from emotional binging to rollercoaster dieting to downright starvation. Studies have shown that girls start worrying they're fat as early as their preschool years. Weight and body image obsession are in their face through the years, starting with images of waify Barbies and Disney princesses, on up through the years when they absorb mom's every complaint about being too fat to wear this or that.

With swimsuit season almost upon us, it's time to step up our awareness of how much we discuss dieting and body image woes around our kids. If you're concerned about your weight or your child's, there are positive, healthy, and fun ways to move forward. Here are some resources from our site to get things started: