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Repeat After Me: "I'm on a Tropical Vacation, I'm on a Tropical Vacation..."

February 04,2011

I've just about had it with winter -- and it's only early February. The snow banks are taller than me, and more big snowstorms are on the way. Yuck!!

I know you've had your share of shoveling backaches and despair over lost mittens and hats. So, short of resorting to a very early (and impossible!) retirement in Boca, what's a woman with the winter blues to do?

Here's an idea that might be fun to try with your kids: Pretend you're in a tropical paradise. Sounds odd, but stay with me for a minute here:

  • Plug in and pump up a space heater. Hey, I know you're trying to save energy and money, but buy yourself an hour or so of 80-degree happiness to get you through another tough week of winter.
  • Break out some of your summer duds. You reluctantly stuffed your summer clothes in a trash bag in the fall, but dig out a flowy sundress and a pair of flip-flops for just an afternoon. It will remind you that you don't have to live in itchy sweaters, dumpy puffy coats, and snow tire-like boots year-round.
  • Make a summer music mix. Normally, it just doesn't feel right to play Will Smith's "Summertime" or the Beach Boys past Labor Day, but since you're already being a little whacky, indulge yourself and pump up some warm-weather beats.
  • Sip a tropical drink. I have some fun plastic flamingo cocktail stirrers that I got on clearance at Pier One last month, thinking I'd save them for a summer BBQ. But I think I'll bust them out early and enjoy a fruity beverage this weekend.
  • Play with tropical themes. The kids are probably fed up with building snow forts this season. Bring the fun inside and make a jungle fort from blankets and island- or jungle-dwelling stuffed animals.

You get the idea -- go nuts (literally!). Want to watch three summery movies in a row? Have fun! Want to fill up the kiddy pool in the basement? Why not!

You can either snap with the next cold snap, or embrace a better kind of craziness. Close your eyes and convince yourself: "I'm on a tropical vacation, I'm on a tropical vacation, I'm on a tropical vacation..."