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Out of Diapers? Forgot Wipes? A Vending Machine to Save the Day!

March 16,2011

If you often suffer from "momnesia" or if your baby is going through a two-diapers-an-hour phase, you might rejoice in this new invention that's popping up across the country: "Nanny Caddy" -- a fancy vending machine that carries diaper bag essentials to help moms-on-the-go in dire need.

Forgot to refill your portable baby wipe container? Lost your third binkie or sippy cup of the day? Need sunblock or baby aspirin STAT for your tot? Or -- I know you've been there -- you forgot your baby's food, of all things!! Nanny Caddy might become your best friend... if you're in the right place.

The stylish teal-striped machines aren't widespread yet. But they're starting to show up in airports, malls, theme parks, zoos, and other kiddie places. Nanny Caddy is already helping frazzled moms in 10 states at places like SeaWorld, Legoland, Sesame Place, and The Bronx Zoo.

I don't know the pricing of the items in the Nanny Caddy, but something tells me we're talking a lot more than a Snickers bar or a bottle of soda!

We're certainly becoming a nation of convenience, but why shouldn't stressed-out moms have something to help them be a supermom?  

What are your thoughts on the Nanny Caddy? Good idea/bad idea?