Our Favorite New Educational Apps & Online Games for Preschoolers

Tue, 11/06/2013

What's a mom to do with a bored preschooler on a rainy June afternoon? Squeeze in some online learning! We've waded through millions of mobile apps and online activities for kids and found some excellent, educational options for your child. Check these out on the next rainy/hot/thunderstormy/bored-with-the-toy-box kinda day.

The free stuff:

  • 15 Free Educational Apps for Kids - Your child can learn about everything from the alphabet and phonics to counting and coloring by number with cute mobile-app characters like mice, dinosaurs, and robots.
  • Funbrain Jr. - This new "Fun Place to Learn" is an educational website for kids ages 2-6, featuring awesome online games, silly stories, and printables for preschoolers. The monster characters are super colorful and cute! (Full disclosure: Funbrain Jr. is owned by Family Education Network.)

The paid (but still cheap) stuff:

  • Award-Winning Educational Apps for Kids - With prices ranging from $0.99 to $4.99, these 15 apps have received awards and rave reviews from the children's app and entertainment experts, such as Common Sense Media, The iPhone Mom, the Parents' Choice Awards, Children's Technology Review, and more. But here's what really counts: your 4-year-old will love them.  :)

Online learning can help children learn many of the skills considered benchmarks of kindergarten readiness. As always, balance your child's online adventures with reading time and screen-free fun, and keep these app guidelines and online safety tips in mind.