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New Show "Pregnant in Heels" -- So Bad, It's Good

April 05,2011

I don't have high taste in television, so it's no surprise that last night I got sucked into the sneak preview of a new Bravo reality show called "Pregnant in Heels," which actually premieres tonight.  

The show follows "maternity concierge"/"pregnancy guru" Rosie Pope as she serves the world's craziest (and wealthiest) moms-to-be in NYC. Many of them are clueless. All of them are demanding -- "Design a nursery that's not too baby-ish for us!" "Help us find the best baby name for our child who will someday be president!" "Commission a painting of me pregnant and nude on horseback!" It adds up to an awkward and annoying but hilarious and delicious reality series.

Each episode shows Rosie's encounter with two different clients. On last night's preview episode, the self-proclaimed "power couple" -- both successful, Ivy-league educated business people -- had Rosie put together a panel of experts (a baby-name blogger, a poet, an ethnic heritage expert, etc.), a focus group of strangers, and a dinner party of their elitist friends to critique their list of favorite baby names for their son. Names are your "personal brand," they said. (They've attended a few too many corporate webinars!!) Of course they ignore everyone else's opinion and go with their (snooty) gut.

Then there was the couple who needed help setting up their nursery when the mom-to-be was just a few weeks from her due date. They owned only a plain crib -- no clothes, no toys, no bedding, no stroller, no rocker. Rosie saw the deeper issue at hand: the mom (who saw the impending baby as a potentially "life-force sucking parasite" rather than a source of great joy), had deep-rooted anxiety about having a baby and being a first-time mom. The amiable Rosie brought in a shrink to save the day!

The great thing about this potentially awful show is that Rosie totally acknowledges her clients' psychoses and seems to help people with REAL (but maybe slightly exaggerated for TV) issues. A common theme will probably be that book smarts and bank accounts don't equal street smarts for parents-to-be.

One soft spot of the show is the fact that Rosie, a mother of one, is struggling to conceive another baby because she has a divided uterus. She's a savvy business woman, but also a tender and level-headed mom.

The real season premiere of "Pregnant in Heels" airs tonight at 10 Eastern/9 Central. Let me know what you think if you tune in!