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Kicking Cursive to the Curb?

August 26,2011

Don't you just love your mother's and grandmother's handwriting? Graceful loops of script that make old recipe cards and greeting cards lovely family treasures to hold onto.

I grew up in the '80s and '90s era of ugly bubble letters and hearts to dot our "i"s. But, still, I learned cursive. I know how to write in fancy script, if I have the occasion to (which, admittedly, is rare). I'm glad I have the skill -- if only for my recipe cards and Christmas notes to loved ones.

Going forward, not too many kids will know how to write in cursive, sadly. Thanks to new Common Core State Standards that 41 states have adopted, cursive is optional in the curriculum of most schools, and several states, including Indiana and Hawaii, have said they're dropping cursive lessons.

What's the big deal? Our public schools have "bigger fish to fry," as one Huffington Post writer points out. Then again, he said, how weird is it to think that today's toddlers may not have a handwritten signature. Important documents are all moving online. Teens type their school reports. Preschoolers are learning to "write" on iPads! iPads!!

Look at all of America's historical documents that were hand-written in cursive. They're certainly much cooler to look at than, say, PowerPoints and PDFs in 12-point Arial that convey historical events and decisions in this day and age. Will today's youngsters be able to read the original Declaration of Independence and Constitution without a non-cursive manuscript?

If you, too, are worried about your kids growing up without cursive skills, print out some cursive worksheets and other handwriting helpers that will ensure pretty recipe cards and holiday greetings for posterity!