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Kate Middleton Is (Really!) Pregnant... Let the Name Speculation Begin!

December 03,2012

The tabloids have been obsessed with snapping shots of Kate Middleton's (always flat) tummy ever since the royal wedding in April 2011, speculating whether they see a baby bump. Well, their wildest dreams are coming true! Palace officials announced today that Prince William and Duchess Catherine are (really!) expecting a baby.

Now, let the other forms of speculation commence... When is the baby due? Will it be a boy or a girl? What will they name HRH (his/her royal highness!)?

One exciting bit of news that we know (almost) for sure is that the baby -- whether boy or girl -- will be the heir to the British throne. Thanks to a pending change in the rules of royal succession, first-born children of either gender will be eligible to take the throne. (Queen Elizabeth II is only the monarch because her parents didn't have any boys -- hmph!)

I'll admit that I have a touch of royal fever and am excited for William and Kate's baby story to unfold. So I'll kick off some baby name speculation...

If it's a girl, part of the name might be... (click on the name for its meaning and other info):

Elizabeth (obviously a nod to the queen, but also because the name is prominent in Kate's family tree and is her own middle name)

Diana (obvi. contender -- it wouldn't please the queen, but Wills adored his mum!)

Carole (Kate's mom)

Philippa or "Pippa" (Kate's sister)

Sarah, Christiana, or Olive (other interesting names from Kate's family tree)

Sophia, Louise, Mary, Caroline, Amelia, or Anne (very old names in the British royal family tree)

If it's a boy, part of the name might be...:

William (duh)

Charles (Wills' dad)

Spencer (Lady Di's surname)

Michael (Kate's dad)

Henry or "Harry" (Wills' brother)

James (Kate's brother)

Philip (Wills' grandfather)

George, Frederick, Edward, Alfred, or Octavius (very old names in the British royal family tree)

Or perhaps they'll choose a name from Shakespeare or another uber-British source of inspiration.

They'll probably go with a classic crowd-pleaser, which seems to be their trademark style. Nothing too trendy! In any case, the baby will surely have a long name (Prince William's full name is William Arthur Philip Louis). And I'm sure we'll be delighted by all four or five of the royal baby's names!

Did I miss any big contenders for the baby name? Please chime in!