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It's Camping Season -- What to Pack? What to Eat?

June 23,2010
Almost every year my family goes camping in Vermont over Fourth of July weekend. And every year I forget to pack something major. Last year it was pillows, and the year before that it was paddles for our kayak. That was the same year my cousin forgot to bring his tent. Whoops!

So we really could've used this list of 12 Essential Camping Supplies. It's handy if you're a new and/or forgetful camper, reminding you to pack the big stuff (tent, air mattress, sleeping bags) and the small stuff (matches, toothbrush, some kind of bug repellant).

The other big camping question is what to eat – that's kid-friendly and easy to whip up in the woods. These Top 12 Camping Foods and Recipes cover the classics – s'mores, chili, pancakes, trail mix – plus some new ideas like chicken sausage sandwiches and oatmeal peanut butter cookies.

But maybe your first question is where to camp? Check out the Top Kid-Friendly Campgrounds.

Happy camping!