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It Costs More than Ever to Go to the Movies -- Worth It?

July 14,2010
Remember when it used to cost a few bucks to see a movie at the theater? We all know those days are long gone. Movie ticket prices had a record increase last year – and they'll only keep climbing.

The huge success of Avatar had an affect on movie prices, the National Association of Theater Owners says, because the 3-D film increased the need for more sophisticated equipment and operations. (If your family saw Avatar, you probably remember the sticker shock, between the regular admission, the 3-D glasses, the outrageously priced snacks... you could've eaten at a five-star restaurant that night for the same price!)

So now the average movie ticket price is about $8 or so. Here it's about $10. Do two hours of peace and entertainment in the theater seem worth it, or is $50+ for a family of four to see a movie and have snacks and soda just out of control?

For me, it depends on the movie. Nothing beats seeing what might become your favorite film on the big screen. Plus, I smuggle snacks (don't you?!). Instead of buying the theater snacks, I've been known to bring in a few boxes of candy (movie candy should always come from a box), bottles of soda, and even pizza, burritos, and hot chocolate (not all on the same occasion). :-)

There are some great family movies out this summer. Dispicable Me is in 3-D (so, extra $$$) and it's the top movie in America right now, so families are still shelling out for the theater experience.

Let us know which of this summer's family movies are worth the cash if you've seen them. And save people big bucks if they're not.