Homework SOS! Top 10 Free Homework Help Websites

Tue, 09/09/2014

"Was homework always this hard?" That's the question many moms and dads are asking as they settle into the new school year and face the new Common Core standards.

While homework may not technically be "harder," you have probably noticed that it's definitely different from your days as a student. Rather than memorizing ways to do mental math, your child is most likely encouraged to count on her hands, or to draw sticks, dots, or bar models/tape diagrams to solve math problems. And rather than cracking a classic book and slogging away at an essay for English class, your child might be asked to find reliable resources on the Web and to draft a blog post or article on a hot topic. Learn more about how (and why) the Common Core is changing your child's schoolwork and homework.

Fortunately, the Internet is beginning to catch up to your homework woes and offer modern solutions to your child's modern homework challenges. We've compiled a slideshow of the Top 10 Free Homework Help Websites that can help your child tackle "new math" and other Common Core subjects and tough topics in school. Many of the sites offer videos, quizzes, virtual flashcards, and other nifty, visual tools to help you and your child grasp new concepts (or old concepts -- in new ways).

Check out these other helpful homework tips and tools: