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End-of-School-Year Survival Tips

May 30,2013

Every year as June approaches, this saying feels so true: the days are long but the years are short. How has another school year -- with so many looooong days -- flown by?! With the end of May upon us, learn how to cope with all the anxiety, excitement, and changes that come with school's final stretch.

Exams. Tests. Report cards. These are some pretty scary words, even for parents. While it's rarely discussed among parents, I think the majority of kids (of all ages) feel some form of test day anxiety. Here are some test prep helpers:

Here's something a little more fun to discuss: Thanking the teacher. Showing your appreciation in the final weeks and days of school is always a sweet gesture. Many teachers will tell you that a simple hand-written thank-you note from the parent and/or student is one of the nicest gifts they could receive. But let's be honest: leading 20-30+ kids through a year of learning (let alone through the school hallways!) is no easy task -- so a purchased gift in addition to that thank-you note would surely be appreciated. Check out these ideas:

Ahh, goodbyes. They're tough for everyone, but especially kids. When we picture the last day of school, images from the movie Grease -- with everyone sprinting or skipping out in their poodle skirts, smiling from ear to ear -- might come to mind. But the final day of school marks a big transition for children, and may not make them quite so giddy at first. Think about it: kids have spent most of their (awake) hours in the same space with the same classmates and teacher(s) for the past 43 weeks. Saying goodbye will be tough -- just as it would be for you to say goodbye to co-workers with whom you spend 8 hours a day. Be prepared to help your child with this big change:

Happy (Almost) Summer!