Easy & Sweet Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Thu, 01/05/2014

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 5-9, 2014)! Stumped about how to thank your child's favorite educators? Here are a few easy and affordable ideas -- many under $30.

These 10 gifts for teachers truly help them celebrate the end of the school year and summer. Let's face it -- as much as they love teaching, they LOVE summer! Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • A beverage dispenser and "lemonade kit" -- including a lemon squeezer and a bunch of lemons, which your child can write thank-you notes on or a classroom of children can sign with a Sharpie! Beverage dispensers are a popular summer gift item, and filling one with signed lemons adds a sweet personal touch.
  • Alex and Ani apple charm bracelet -- these are trendy yet timeless and adjustable for all wrist sizes. The special "Apple of Abundance" bangle is fitting for teachers because it symbolizes the sharing of knowledge.
  • Iced coffee maker -- because most teachers need their caffeine fix throughout the hot summer months. This one is an equally great choice for female and male teachers.
  • Movie theater gift card -- 'cause there's nothing better than an air-conditioned movie theater on a hot summer day! Also, your child's teacher probably hasn't had much time to catch a movie during the school year, so it's a nice treat during his or her downtime. Consider wrapping up the gift card along with some boxes of movie candy for the teacher to sneak in (because we all love to sneak in our own candy at the movies!).

We also turned to Pinterest for some creative homemade gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. So if you're feeling crafty, check these out:

Finally, round out your gift with any of these free printable thank-you cards for Teacher Appreciation Week! These ones are universally cute -- and even cuter after your child writes a message inside:

See... it's actually pretty simple to thank teachers for all that they do!