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A Celebrity Baby Name Haiku

January 19,2011

Honor Bronx Egypt

Poet Jagger Sparrow Caje

Indiana Sage

Go ahead -- check out all the crazy celebrity baby names out there and write your own baby name haiku (all you need are five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line, and five in the third)!

By the way, these poetic names come to us courtesy of these, um, creative celeb moms:

Honor - Jessica Alba, Bronx - Ashlee Simpson Wentz, Egypt - Alicia Keys, Poet and Jagger - Soleil Moon Frye, Sparrow - Nicole Richie, Caje - Cat Cora (of Iron Chef fame), Indiana - Summer Phoenix (sister of River and Joaquin, and wife of Casey Affleck), Sage - Toni Collette (bonus points for choosing a name that's both an adjective and an herb!)

Another fun activity is to brainstorm or predict future crazy baby names based on some random things, such as:

Months - A la Mad Men star January Jones or Water for Elephants character August (I'd be surprised to see September get popular as most parents know how much kids dread back-to-school month)

Days - I'll admit it, Nicole Kidman -- Sunday Rose sounds kind of pretty. But you obviously don't have a Monday-Friday job, or else you'd most likely choose the general public's favorite day, Saturday (Saturday Daisy has a nice ring to it!)

Verbs - Naming baby can be just like playing Mad Libs. Who's to say we won't see Frolic, Groom, and Twizzle (an ice dancing move similar to an Axel in figure skating) show up on baby name lists?

Herbs and Spices - Do you love Cilantro, Paprika, or Star Anise? Honor your favorite flavoring for posterity by putting it on a birth certificate.

Random Cities and Towns - Caney Kansas is a pretty cool name (that's the town that's dead center if you zoom in on the Google Map of the U.S.). Or how about Alice Springs? (Thanks again, Google Maps - Australia.)

The list of name-inspiring things goes on and on. So do whatever it takes to keep up with the Joneses (or, really, the Jolie-Pitts). Get poetic with baby names in 2011!