Back-to-School 2014: Clothes, Supplies, Lunch Ideas & More!

Thu, 07/08/2014

As usual, summer has flown by and we're somehow in the back-to-school season! We've rounded up some of the best school clothing trends, new school supplies, healthy lunch ideas, and more so that you can enjoy these precious final weeks of summer.

  • 14 Back-to-School Clothes Trends for 2014 - From maxi skirts and moto jackets to western shirts and gray denim, take a peek at what kids will be rockin' in the hallways this school year. Prepare for some cute first-day-of-school pictures! 
  • Neat New School Supplies for 2014 - We're pretty nerdy about school supplies, and these new products -- from monster pencil cases to high-heel tape dispensers -- get us excited to fill those backpacks. Speaking of....
  • Best Backpacks for Kids - Whether you're shopping for your preschooler's first backpack or your teen's sturdy bookbag, we've found some awesome options for all ages. 
  • 11 Coolest Lunch Boxes for Kids - Why weren't all these super-cool insulated lunch boxes around when we were kids? You can choose from almost any animal, color, or design under the sun (fortunately, we've narrowed it down for you here!). 
  • 10 Easy Ideas for Better Bag Lunches - Your child is bound to get tired of sandwich after sandwich a few weeks into September, so get some deliciously different ideas for school lunches early on this year! 
  • 9 Snacks with No High-Fructose Corn Syrup - With lots of tasty snack options on the market, it's getting easier every school year to come up with healthy snacks and sides. Check out some of our not-too-sweet favorites. 

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