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It's Harry Potter time!

July 16,2009
It's finally here! The latest installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, has hit theaters by storm, with midnight showings, record-breaking ticket sales, and perhaps even the impending accolade of the biggest movie of all time.

Kids (and let's face it, adults) everywhere flocked to the theaters in signature scarves, spectacles, and capes, doing their best impressions of wizards, muggles, and Dumbledore. The success of the movies is a direct reflection of the success of the books -- a testament to how it really can be easy to get kids to read, if you give them the right material. Are your kids wrapped up in Harry hoopla? Did they read the books before seeing the movie? And are you just as excited as they are for this new release? Whether you've read the book or stood in the long lines outside of the cineplex, take our Harry quiz to see if you know your stuff!