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10 things you can do right now to honor Earth Day

April 22,2009
Since the first Earth Day 35 years ago, our concern for the environment has only gotten more intense, and the cause only more critical. “Going green” literally has become a household term, and our kids would be shocked to know there was ever a time when we didn’t recycle. But the scope of all that still needs to be done, and all that we’re capable of doing, can be overwhelming. Sometimes it just seems too much. I have found myself asking, do I really have time for this? Does this one measly recycled newspaper really make a difference? Yes and yes. Being Earth-conscious is a lifestyle but doesn’t have to be life-altering. So, in honor of Earth Day, gear up your green self and repeat after me: It does make a difference. It’s easy, and it does make a difference. Here are some things you can do to help right now!
  1. Ditch the plastic water bottle you’re using (recycle ‘em if you got ‘em, of course) and start using a reusable glass instead.
  2. Do the same for that cup of coffee – skip the paper cup (it only creates more waste) and go straight for the mug. Coffee tastes better from mugs anyway, don’t you think?
  3. Walk around and turn off all the lights except the one you’re using.
  4. Unplug your cell phone charger.
  5. Try going paperless today. Use the internet to pay the bills and read the paper, use cloth napkins, and use a dry-erase board for your to-do list.
  6. Unplug your toaster, blender, and anything else on your countertop that you’re not using (It’s probably safe to assume you’re not using your blender as you read this).
  7. Turn your thermostat down 2 degrees (or up 2 degrees if using cool air).
  8. Look around you -- how many electronics do you have sucking up energy right now? Well, we know if you’re reading this, the computer is on. How about the TV? The radio? Pick one and turn the others off. Of course, in the interest of keeping you on this site, we’d prefer you choose to power-off the tube. (It is TV turn-off week, anyway.)
  9. Use a natural cleaner, like vinegar and water, to tidy up your desk or countertop, instead of harsh cleaning ingredients.
  10. Get your kids educated and excited about preserving the Earth with these activities.
For more information on ways to go green, visit our resource page. The Earth thanks you.