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When good ideas flop!

February 26,2010
I get asked often if I ever do a craft that just flops. The answer is all the time. I do 5-10 crafts a week and there is often a "learning experience" in there somewhere. This week I learned that hot glue doesn't hold two ( or 5) rocks together, no matter how much you use. Still I am posting this because finding, painting and playing with the rocks were a big hit, just skip trying to keep them together. Olympic Inuksuk - this is one of the symbols of the 2010 Olympic Games, for more info about it click here. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some rocks, and water colors. I don't suggest wasting time gluing them together, ours stayed together for 5 minutes then we heard a loud bang in the kitchen as they broke apart. 2. Paint the rocks. Let dry. 3. Place the rocks together, you can even try balancing them! I guess a flop is in the eye of the crafter because my son loved it and thought it was hilarious that it fell apart- which shocked me, I was expecting tears.