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What do you do with all their art?

June 15,2010
I am asked this questions constantly! What do you do with the art work your kids make?! My answer is almost always .... I recycle it. But That doesn't help most moms who want to keep it, and who's kids are more attached to it than my son ( he gets his lack of sentimentality from me). Here are a few things you can do with the art to preserve, show off and make memories . 1. Make a clothes line display .Get some cool themed ribbon , clothes pins and 2 inexpensive hooks. Put the hooks along your child's bedroom wall 4-8 feet apart, tie the ribbon on, then using the clothes pins hang the art to display. You can even take your time painting or coloring the pins to match. 2.Stick it to the wall! Paint one of your child's bedroom walls with magnetic paint. Get some fun magnets and display the art work on the magnet wall! 3. Make a fun fabric covered cork board. I made one of these for myself as a teen and they are so easy. Grab some cork board, basic molding, fabric that matches your child's room theme or colors and a staple gun. what I did was cover the board with the fabric using the stapler on the back to secure it. Then I nailed it to the wall, and framed it with the molding. Then got some funky push pins to use to hang the art work. 4. Frame it. Grab a few inexpensive frames from a discount store and make a gallery wall. Have 1 or more frames for each child and make a rule that if they want something new in the frame they have to switch it with what's in there now to avoid clutter. 5.Space bags. This is more those of you who want to preserve the art , all of it. I would grab these backs, suck all the air out and then find a dry place to store. Last but not least my favorite and what I do is : Take pictures, or make scans of the art, and make a coffee table book of their creations. Sites like Snapfish, Kodak and Winkflash often have deals on making photo books. All you have to do is upload the photos, choose the lay out and voila a real book!