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We Love David Shannon!

May 29,2009
There are few authors that I can reliably buy one of their books and not have to read it first . David Shannon books are consistently well written, funny and kids adore them. Here are just a few of his many wonderful books. Photobucket "Alice the Fairy" is the prefect fairy book. Alice is still learning how to be a fairy and she uses her own kind of magic. She disappears by hiding under a blanket and turning off the light, makes her breakfast into cake by adding sugar and my favorite makes chocolate chip cookies vanish, by eating them. The humor is adorable and compared to the many princess books that seem to cater to the culture of entitlement this is just a simple sweet book. Photobucket "Duck On A Bike" is one of my favorite children's books ever. The story is about a duck who sees a bike and thinks "why not?" the other animals think he is crazy at first but it's not long before they are pedaling too. The book ends with the duck gazing at a tractor. I love the message about trying something new, and ignoring naysayers. Just because you have never done something doesn't mean you shouldn't try! Photobucket "Good Boy Fergus" makes me laugh. Fergus is a dog, but I don't know that anyone other than his owner would call him good. He chases motorcycles, knocks over plants and begs for food. If you have ever had a dog who you loved even though it made a mess, and didn't listen you'll love this story about unconditional love. My son thinks Fergus is funny and loves that he gets to have whip cream on his dog food! Photobucket "No! David" is magic. I know so many parents who are really afraid of reading this book to their kids because they think that David's misbehavior will entice their children to do the same. I have always used this book in classrooms and at my home as a cautionary tale. David gets punished for acting out but the message isn't about that it's about how his mom loves him no matter what. That is the one lesson I want to drill into my son's mind. Even if he does get disciplined , I love him. This book helps open discussions about that and is funny as well!