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Toy Box Sorting

August 25,2009
I am told by parents often that they have a hard time getting their little boys to do any sort of sit down learning activities at home. For a long time my advice has been to find something they love and use it as the base for learning. So using something like toys, in this case different kinds of toy vehicles as objects to sort and classify can be the trick to getting your hard to slow down child sitting and learning. 1. Gather your materials. You will need one large container, 4 smaller ones, various toy cars that can easily be sorted ( we used garbage trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles and forklifts). 2. Lay out the 4 smaller containers.Put one of each type of toy into on small container as a guide. 3. Start sorting. 4. After sorting you can count each pile, throw them back in the big container and sort again by color, or simply play with them. This was a huge hit with my son- I haven't been able to put these little crates away because it seems he always wants to play and sort!