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Thanksgiving Helpers!

November 25,2009
This Thursday is Thanksgiving and through all the prep, cooking and feasting sometimes the littlest act up not because they plan to ruin your day but because they just don't feel included! Here are some fun ways to help your young child feel included this Thanksgiving. 1. While you are cooking give your child an extra pot and spoon and a little dry rice or beans to "cook". My son loves it if I give him empty salt and pepper shakers, for some reason that takes it to a greater level. 2. If you are driving to family or friends have your child count how many red cars they see, how many gas stations you pass or if they can read how many of certain letters in road signs. 3. Have them set the table! Aunt Edna won't care if her fork is on the wrong side if she knew that your little one helped. 4. Make the place cards. This was always my favorite thing to do for dinner parties. Simply write names, decorate and fold card stock for simple cards. 5. After dinner entertainment. Another thing that I excelled at , and it takes time to prepare the show and rehearse so while you prep dinner they will be out of your hair while they rehearse the showstopper! Happy Thanksgiving!