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Thankful Tree

November 09,2011

For many years I have done some varriation of a Thankful Tree. This year with two kids at such different levels of ability and interest I cam up with this tree that they could both contribute to in their own ways.

You will need some craft paper, crayons, markers, tape to keep it on the wall, and some paper leaves and tape.

Start by drawing the outline of a tree.

Have your child who is too little to write or verbally contribute things they are thankful for color it to their hearts content . This is why I didn't cut the tree out carefully, so there is room for big scribbles.

Now invite your older child to do some writing ( they can color too of course!). Write things you are thankful for on the branches.

I did some too.

Tape the stems on and bend the laves to cover the words.  We like covering them then trying to remember what we are thankful for. We alays end up thinking up something new. Then have fun over the next few weeks adding more leaves, and coloring more. Ours has been up a week or so and it's getting full!

This isn't the prettiest Thankful tree i have ever made but I love it because the whole family contributed, it's dynamic and that is way more special than something pretty no one can touch!