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Supply List For Starters

May 04,2009
A long day at home with a toddler or a preschooler can feel like it never ends, especially when the weather is bad or you are stuck at home. We break up our day with "Learning Time" every day. Some times it's a big project with many steps, other times it's scooping rice or pasta and making a big mess. It's all beneficial and not only helps promote things like literacy and fine motor development, but you bond with your child when you are cutting, gluing and painting together. A little mess is worth bonding and sanity in my books! Here is my basic supply list to get you started. Basic Supply list Construction Paper Washable paint Washable Markers Crayons Glue Tape Scissors Foam sheets Glitter Paint brushes Tissue Paper Paper Plates Paper Bags Recyclables (egg cartons, cereal boxes, grocery bags) If you have this on hand you can make most of the crafts that I will feature in this blog. There are always add ons but those are just extras and can be found on my extras list below. I always try to buy my supplies at popular big box stores that most everyone has access to. I live in a smaller community and if I can get something easily, you probably can too. Extras Sequins Chenille stems Yarn Googly eyes Glitter Glue Buttons Ink pads Rubber stamps Stickers Magnet Strips Brads Feathers Cotton Balls I could go on and on because almost anything in your house can be used for art; trust me, I get so many of my supplies from my own kitchen! Don't forget the tub all these supplies are in. While our supplies don't actually all fit in that tub, we do use it for learning. We fill it with all sorts of things from rocks to feathers and explore them , scoop, count and use our imaginations. Learning with your children at home whether it's daily like us, or a nice special craft for a holiday doesn't have to be daunting. Grab your materials and check back here to find easy, do able activities, crafts and book recommendations from my kitchen table to yours!