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Stationary Aisle Bracelet

April 27,2011

I was chatting with friends the other day about what stores pose serious behavior challenges to their kids. Lots of toy stores, grocery stores etc... mine are craft stores. Lucky for me my job is to create crafts so even though I sometimes get to go child free on weekends it's a rare treat. Fortunately my kids are stellar ( usually) at the grocery store and there is almost always a stationary aisle, and that is all I need!

This was going to be a garland and you could make a beautiful one for sure, but when I started showing my son what I was doing he decided we should make it into a " gorgeous little bracelet". So we did.

You will need some pretty string or very thin ribbon, some stationary dot labels and scissors.

Cut your string a little longer then you need so you have extra to tie.

Stick two matching color labels together ( although they could be contrasting too!) and sandwich the string between them.

Keep going.



I like the bracelet but I think a necklace would be even prettier!