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Stars and Stripes

June 28,2009
Photobucket Can you believe it's almost July? The 4th is just around the corner so it's time to get messy in the name of patriotism ! Get ready for a week filled with red, white and blue! This craft is a favorite of mine, it's easy but not too easy , uses a regular old kitchen sponge and looks great. 1. Gather your materials. You will need a piece of white paper, a piece of blue construction paper, some red and white paint , scissors , glue, a marker and a kitchen sponge. Photobucket 2. Draw a star and and make a line lengthwise on the sponge. Photobucket 3. Cut out. Photobucket 4. Cut our blue paper so it fits into the upper left hand corner of the paper which will be the rest of the flag. Photobucket 5. Spread the white paint on a plate and start printing on the blue paper. Let dry. Photobucket 6. Spread red paint on a plate and dip your long rectangle sponge in. Photobucket 7. Print it on the white paper. Photobucket 8. Only don't forget to leave room for the blue paper. Photobucket 9. When dry add glue for the blue section. Photobucket 10. Add and let dry. Photobucket