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Star Pasta Stars - Toddler Shape Activity

February 11,2012

My daughter loves stars, which makes me happy because I do too.

I found this pasta at the store and knew I had to grab it for some crafts. They are tiny and perfect for kids that re putting things in their mouths. She popped a few in and spat them out and kept doing the activity.

You will need some paper, pasta, glitter and glue. That's it.

Let them play with the pasta before you start the craft, feel it, play with it and explore.

Add glue to the paper in star shapes. If they are older let them do this.

Tell them that they get to cover their stars with stars!

Pour it on ( we used a spoon and hands) and add glitter.

Let dry.

Explore it some more after it's dry.

Toddlers learn through their senses so let them explore as they create.