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Spring Flower Craft

March 16,2010
Is your school age child home for March break? Racking your brain trying to find something to do? I picked up these plastic Easter eggs at a store over the weekend and couldn't wait to make something with them. This craft is simple, but pretty and offers lots of extra opportunity to draw and color too. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper, doilies, bottom half of plastic Faster eggs, green pipe cleaners, glue and markers to embellish. 2. Start by gluing the doilies to the paper. 3. Add the eggs in the middle. 4. Bend your pipe cleaners into stems and leaves. 5. Glue on. Like I said you can draw a garden scene on the paper before gluing, and color the doilies or even add stickers to the eggs. The sky is the limit.