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Spring Cleaning with Preschoolers

March 24,2011


Next week is Spring Break for my son and I am putting him to work. Preschoolers are natural sorters, want to act like grown ups and gain confidence from being helpful. Here is my list of Spring Cleaning activities we are going to tackle.


Books and Toys. We are going to sit down with 3 bins "Keep" "Broken" "Donate"  and sort! Do not forget to take your child with you when you donate the toys to GoodWill, local shelter or other charity. If your child can write have them list the items for donation for your records.


You can get a pack of micro fiber cloths for next to nothing at the dollar store. No need to add any chemicals, just wipe! Little hands are great for getting between spindles on railings, chairs and coffee tables. When I tell my son how I can't do something but he can it makes it and hom that much more important.

Toy Wash

Gather up all the yard toys, a little dish soap, a sponge and the garden hose. Wash the sand pails, riding toys, balls etc...  I have a feeling this will be the most fun!

Kids want to be helpful, so make it fun and everyone can benefit!