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Spring Cleaning - Magic Wand

February 21,2011

We are moving soon and need to clean out the house of everything extra- and you can imagine that I have a lot of extra supplies for crafts. So for the next few weeks we will be doing "Spring Cleaning" crafts with everyday things that I need to get rid of and you probably have in your house too!

Magic Wand ( don't I wish I had one to do all my cleaning?).

1. Gather your materials. You will need a hole punch, scissors, curling ribbon , markers and a paper towel roll.

2. Start by decorating your roll.

3. Next punch holes.

4. Cut ribbon. Remember to keep it short and any craft with ribbon or string should be carefully supervised by an adult while making and playing. Never leave a child unattended .

5. Tie ribbon on. Curl with scissors ( adults only).

Play - when your child waves it the ribbon will uncurl and look like magic.