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Sparke & Scoop Sensory Bin

August 10,2011


Sensory Bins are a fun activity for kids of many ages. Scooping and pouring for younger ones and treasure hunts, tweezer play or using other tools that promote fine motor and hand eye coordination. This sparkly sensory bin will appeal to kids and by giving the task of spooning out the sequins they will also be practicing their fine motor skills that are imperative for writing when they are ready.

You will need some white rice, a container, sequins, small spoons and fun fancy ( plastic) dishes to scoop into. Oh and I added some fun butterflies cut outs too!

Pour your rice in.

Add everything else. I like having my children help me with making the bins but some kids do best if you present the finished bin as a grand event before they play.

Spoon out the treasures!