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Snack Match - Learning Colors

January 09,2012

My daughter eats everything. Well she tries to eat everything- we have a lot of things put up high, in locked cabinets and my son's Lego is behind a big door she can't get open. So crafting with her has been limited to big , non toxic things... until we turned her favorite snack " FEESH FEESH!"  into a lesson in color recognition.

For a similar activity for older kids check out this fun graphing using goldfish over at Oopsey Daisy .

You will need some multi colored goldfish crackers or you could use multi colored cereal too. Also some coordinating construction paper, a marker and scissors. I am also using a cookie sheet to keep the activity all in one place .

Cut out some fish bowls from the construction paper. I added some waves .

Place them on the cookie sheet and start.


I had my daughter on my lap to help her as she is just starting these more structured activities ( and very infrequently at that she is only 18 months) - we talked about colors. Ate some of the fish and matched a few too! The goal is to play and get familiar with the colors not to drill a toddler into "learning" because that won't do anything but frustrate and harm their natural desire to explore and learn.