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Slow And Steady

August 13,2009
Photobucket Weaving not only creates a fun pattern on crafts, it requires concentration, and steady hands, so it's a great activity to build both of those skills. Also it uses no paint, or glue making it easy to clean up. 1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 different colors of paper, scissors, a hole punch and some tape. Photobucket 2. Start by folding one sheet of paper in half, and cutting a half circle. Then cut strips into the circle, not going all the way through. Photobucket 3. Cut your 2nd paper into strips. Leave some paper for the feet and eyes. 4.Weave the strips through. Photobucket 5. Trim and tape the ends down. Photobucket 6. Cut out a head and punch two holes for eyes. Cut a square of the contrasting color. Tape behind the head so the eyes are the contrasting color. Photobucket 7. Cut out 4 small feet from the 2nd paper and tape them and the head to the body. Photobucket