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Slice of Summer!

June 16,2009
Photobucket All week this week we are doing summer themed activities, it's finally warmed up for good ( knock on wood) here in Washington and I am sharing that with all of you. This craft was something I did with my Sunday school kids yesterday for our church picnic, everyone loved it, I hope you do too! 1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate, some black paper, red paper, green paint, a brush,glue and scissors. You can substitute a green crayon or marker for the pain no problem as well. Photobucket 2. Start by cutting your paper plate in half. Photobucket 3. Paint it green. Photobucket 4. While your child is painting cut out a red semi circle. Photobucket 5. Cut out seeds. My Sunday schoolers ( ages 3-9) did all the cutting with no help, I made them for my 2 year old though. Photobucket 6. When the paint is dry glue the red paper on. Photobucket 7. Glue the seeds on the red paper. Let dry. Photobucket