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Shiny Collage!

April 08,2010
My son goes to preschool twice a week and I never expect or even ask him to join me making crafts on those days. I figure he's had enough structure for the day and just let him chill. Well today after he saw me make a shiny collage he begged to make one too. I was tickled and grabbed up more materials. It's not a complicated craft , but simple is usually the best! 1. Gather your materials. You will need a piece of construction paper, some glitter glue ( I had white glue as well but the glitter glue did the trick), some foil ribbon, metallic pipe cleaners and scissors. 2.Start by spreading glitter glue all over your paper. 3. While your child does that cut the ribbon and pipe cleaners into small pieces. 4. Add them to the glue. If you don't have ribbon, try aluminum foil! Look around your house for shiny materials and add them to the collage!