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Shhh! Learning in Church...

November 14,2010
Our church is super family friendly but that little bit before my son heads to Sunday School can feel like forever if he's fidgeting, and speaking in that too loud even when trying to be quiet 4 year old voice. Here are a few tricks I have used to keep him quiet, learning and having fun. 1. Count the Choir. Simple and it keeps him looking front not at his friend in the pew behind us. After he counts the whole choir, he can count just the ladies, and just the men. 2. Find the letters in the bulletin! Give your child a pencil and turn your church bulletin into a letter search game. Today we looked for lowercase e and upper case C. 3. Add the hymn numbers together. Today's selection was 5, 378 and 26. Depending on your child's math ability - that can be added as normal or for younger kids like mine we added it 5+3 , 7+8 and 2+6 . 4. Count the lights. I know it sounds boring to you, it does to me too but little tasks like this are still challenging to a preschooler and the pride they feel when the task is completed is worth it. 5. Eye Spy with the colors in the stained glass, parishioners clothes or art work. Ideally children will learn to sit and listen but at 2-5 it's very hard especially when the information is still over their heads. Help bridge that ability by offering quiet tasks , but only when they need it!