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Shatter Proof and Super Cheap DIY Cupcake Stand

May 23,2011

If you are a regular reader you know that my daughter's birthday party is coming up. I have been testing out decoration ideas, craft tutorials etc... and sharing it here. Well while reading the fine print about the venue ( a park) I had already signed a contract for I noticed that all dishes must be shatterproof plastic or paper. I had  a great idea for these pretty cupcake stands but my dreams were dashed... and as it turned out my wallet ( and probably my husband) can thank then because this idea is shatter proof and cost me next to nothing.

You will need a plate and bowl - ours came in a pack of 4 for a dollar from the dollar store. I experimented with different glues but ultimately chose mounting tape to glue the plate and bowl together. It's not going to resist someone pulling it apart but it will hold the cupcakes , look fine and last the day.

Simply invert your bowl , add mounting tape to the bottom and press your plate on top. I pressed for 30 seconds to be sure.


Do not try to wash this , I would just give it a wipe , the construction won't survive a washing.

ps Be ready to see "cupcake stands" every where. Now when I see cute plates and bowls I flip them over and make them into stands to see how they look.... so if you need some fun polka dot ones you might want to head to Walmart in their seasonal section you could have a blast with this project!