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Shamrock Sun Catcher

February 25,2010
This project was almost not posted because the pictures didn't capture it as well as I had hoped. Still it was fun to do and looks great in person. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some white paper, a white crayon, green paint, tape, green construction paper and scissors. 2. Start by drawing shamrocks with the white crayons. I did this step for my son, but if your child is older have them do it. 3. Cover it in green paint! We put way too much on and had to blot some off, oops. 4. Let dry- the shamrocks should become even more obvious as the paint dries. 5. Make a frame with the construction paper by folding and cutting out the middle. 6. Tape the white paper inside and tape. 7. Put it up in a window !