Sensory Snowflake

Thu, 07/01/2010
Have you ever made a craft or done an activity that you thought your child would like but they ended up loving? My 3 year old had an all out fit when I put this away and told him it was well past nap time. He loves scooping and pouring and wouldn't let me have a turn at all! 1. Gather your materials. You will need some glue, some cardboard ( cereal box is great), white rice, glitter and scissors. You will also want a pan that the cardboard will fit into. 2. Start by making a snowflake out of glue. 3. Next add your rice. My son took his time covering the whole thing, I told him he had to drop it on not pour and he pretended he was a cement mixer at a construction site. I am all for it as long as he is having fun ! 4. Add the glitter. 5. Sift off the extra by gently moving the tray/pan back and forth. 6. Let dry. 7. Play with the extra until nap time ;) * If I did this again I would paint the cardboard blue first !