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Rough and Sparkly Starfish

June 22,2009
Photobucket Starfish are some of the prettiest wonders in the ocean. If you have ever had a chance to feel a starfish you were probably struck how rough and bumpy they are, this craft mimics that texture by adding glitter to the paint. Adding the sequins one at a time throws in a fine motor work out for your little ones too. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some sturdy paper, we used a paper grocery bag. You will also need some paint, large glitter,a small dish and spoon for mixing, scissors, glue, some sequins and a marker. Photobucket 2. Draw a starfish on your paper. Photobucket 3. Mix together the paint and some glitter. It should be wet enough to glob together.I think this was my son's favorite part of the whole activity. Photobucket 4. Cover your star with the paint. We spooned it on then patted it down. If it doesn't stick add more paint. Let dry. This takes some time. Photobucket 5. When dry add glue in dots along the points. Photobucket 6. Add the sequins. Photobucket 7. Cut out- you may want to cut it out over a sink. Overall I didn't have too much flake off but while cutting there was some. Photobucket