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Rolling Pin Printing

August 06,2009
Photobucket Rolling pins aren't often used for baking in our house, it's usually play-dough and art instead. This is a fun and really easy way to make fun shape prints using your plain old rolling pin. 1. Gather your materials. You will need a plate,some paper, a rolling pin , some self stick foam, a paper cutter ( or scissors) , paint and some aluminum foil. Photobucket 2. Start by covering your rolling pin with aluminum foil. I let my son help and it was less than smooth after, so it picked up some of the paint when we rolled it in. For better results just make sure it's flush to the pin. Photobucket 3. Cut out your shapes from the foam. We decided on polka dots, so we only did circles. I used sparkly foam but only because that was the scrap I was eager to use up, any foam sheets will do. Just remember to use self stick, much easier than gluing. Photobucket 4. Stick them on the foil. Photobucket 5. Spread your paint on the plate and roll it in. Photobucket 6. Roll it on your paper. When you are ready to clean up it's easy peasey, just rip off the foil. Photobucket