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Roll With It - Caster Painting

May 25,2011

Part of teaching kids about creativity is going along with the thoughts of " I wonder if I could ..."  Like  finding things and using them for things they aren't meant to be used for.  I was looking for an old book in our garage when I saw some old discarded casters just sitting on the shelf. They'd gone to a bed we'd long gotten rid of. Immediately I knew my son would love them, and knew what I wanted to do with them. I wanted to paint.

So ...

we did.


You will need some casters or anything else with wheels - like toy car, a pastry wheel...look around your house. You will also need a large piece of paper , a plate , paint and painters tape.

Tape the paper ( in our case a paper grocery bag) down on your table.

Put the paint on the plate , roll your caster in it.


The casters were tricky to control which resulted in fits of laughter, mostly from me but my son too.