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Robin Egg Nest Cupcakes

March 30,2011

I love cupcakes. So does my son. I hope my husband's office does too because they are usually the recipients of our creations. Here is what we made for them to celebrate Spring!

Gather your materials. Your favorite cupcake ( mine is whatever flavor is on sale), brown icing, a ziplock , and some robin eggs candies. There are chocolate covered caramels ( sinful!) but malt balls or jelly beans would work too.

Pop your icing in a ziplock and snip off one corner.

Ice. The great thing about the bag method is not much comes out so it's great for beginners like my son. I can not tell you how proud he was of icing some cupcakes! This is the huge benefit to doing these activities with our kids, developing pride in diverse areas.


Add the egg candies.

Wow and amaze!


How are you celebrating Spring with your kids?