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By Request - Ballet Themed Craft

November 22,2011


When a reader asked if I had any craft ideas for a ballet themed birthday I immediately knew what I wanted to do. What I love about this shilouette craft is that you can make little ones for an activity that also works as  favors ( adults doing the tough parts before the party) , or a big one just for a decoration keepsake.

Either way it's easy and if you use the right tools it dries fast enough to send them home with your guests.

You will need a canvas, some clear contact paper, paint in your choice of colors. SPONGE roller brushes. I did not have one on hand ... I should but I couldn't find it but I was careful. For kids these rollers are great because they have no edges that could pull up the ballerina figure or the letters. You will also need vinyl letters for names ( craft aisle at walmart or any sationary store), sharp scissors and a picture of a ballerina. Oh and some tulle for the ribbon.


I suggest printing out a picture of a ballerina... I drew mine because my printer is temporarily out of commision ( ok I keep forgetting to buy a new cartrige...) .

Cut that out and tape to the shiny side of your contact paper.

Cut that out.

Add the name to the canvas.

Add the shilouette. Press it down well. If I had the time I would press and leave overnight to make sure it's on there really well.


Let dry.

Peel the letters and shilouette off.

Add some tulle to hang and you are set to go!